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Welcome to AndredsWeald

AndredsWeald is a Wiccan coven in the .K.A.M. Traditional line. Our focus is on seasonal celebration, individual and group growth, and occasional teaching and writing.



We're delighted to announce the Elevations of:

  • Mara, formerly known as Maerwenna, to the Second Degree of Wicca in November of 2022
  • Darach, to the Second Degree of Wicca in April of 2023


We'd like to announce the following Initiations into the First Degree of Wicca:

  • Maerwenna, June 2021
  • Eusebia, July 2021
  • Darach, July 2021

Blessed Be, new made Priestess/Priest and Witch

Our history here

.K.A.M. Journal Online Project

We're scanning and making copies of .K.A.M., A Journal of Traditional Wicca available over time.  View the progress and an index here.

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