Deworming the Chakras: Candlemas 2015

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Feb 04 2015

It's been a tough winter, but it's light at 5:00 now -- the energy has changed, and winter's running on empty.  Soon there will be birds.  Time to open our hearts to change, to new things. 

Candlemas is interesting as a harbinger -- it's often cold, but the sunlight is definitely increased, and it's just a question of overcoming the reservoir of cold in the soil and water before spring manifests.  

You can look at the progression as:

Solstice astronomical maximum or minimum of light
Candlemas/Lammas First manifestations of the change, time to prepare
Equinox Point of balance, significant manifestation of the season
Beltane/Hallows Full acceleration ahead, look out solstice!

Candlemas is largely about cleansing, purification and preparation in a happy way, just as Lammas has that tinge of sorrow.  Summer is icumen in, and we know it in advance!

It's the time of the old hiring fairs, when the British, and I suppose many others began to prepare for the hard work of spring.  Breaking ground, clearing away brush, making room for new life.  Workers gather at the farms, hands ready to the tasks at hand.  The wheel turns again.

So what's that about deworming?

We live in a physical ecosystem where there are lots of parasites.  Puppies need deworming on a regular basis in early weeks, and a periodic check.  So do we in many parts of the world, including the North American south as recently as 50 years ago (interesting take on hookworms as immune boosters, but I digress).

As above, so below.  Our energy centers -- Chakras to borrow a term from our Hindu cousins -- attract parasites too.  Let's leave the nature of the parasites for another time and talk about some basic deworming exercises that will leave you smiling, lean and clean for the new Spring.

These exercises will seem basic if you're used to visualization meditation and are a simple follow-on to the white light class of exercises.

  • Carry out your basic preparations -- relaxation, white light, openings, invocations of Deity or whatever your tradition or practice recommends
  • Visualize a spiral tunnel headed down a shaft rather like your spinal column.  Move widdershins -- counterclockwise -- downwards, paying calm attention to what you see and hear on the way.  If you ever saw the movie "Forbidden Planet", consider the journey of the travelers towards the workshops of the Krell as an image.
  • Arrive at your starting point, the heart chakra, a green solid curved space which is the top part of a sphere.  The color of green is similar to the banner of this website.
  • Inhale and see the green glow with increased energy, expand, send off an Earthy verdant glow
  • In your hand, visualize an attractive egg-like sphere as you exhale.  The egg is absolutely delectable to the parasites that infest our chakras.  It tastes better than we do.  See dark wiggly shapes burst from the green sphere where they were living and swarm to the egg, driven by your out-breath.
  • Over your shoulder is a door with a fiery glow.  The door is opening to a furnace, rendering all that enters to its basic components for recycling.  As the egg fills with wigglers, toss the egg in the furnace.  Worms, return to Earth without harm.
  • Repeat until you run out of wigglers.  Note that some will get cagey and try to burrow down.  But that egg is just too tasty for them.  Parasites just can't resist temptation.
  • Descend another turn or two to a glowing yellow surface, the chakra of your social interactions and connections.  Repeat the process.
  • Descend to the orange chakra of sexuality and desire, and cleanse
  • Descend to the scarlet chakra of your primal energy source, and cleanse
  • Now work your way back up to heart, cleansing as you go
  • Then up one level to the blue chakra of protection, in the throat, cleanse
  • Move one level up to the indigo chakra of will and command, at the third eye, and cleanse
  • Move one level up to the violet chakra that connects you to Deity, and cleanse your connections
  • Cycle back down to the third eye, throat, heart, cleansing as you go.
  • One last cleanse of the heart, and spiral upwards, this time in a clockwise direction until you emerge where you began

Carry out whatever closing processes your tradition recommends, and return in a relatively worm-free state.

Repeat regularly, and note any differences.

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